Skating With A Baby

This is a really fun family outing to do, fresh air, exercise and a bit of an adrenaline fix!! However, an activity not for the faint hearted! It will take a lot of concentration and co-ordination to skate with your baby.

I haven’t skated with our baby since he was a new born last summer. We are waiting for the better weather to take him out again. Now he’s older I  feel he would fully appreciate the breeze in his ginger locks!!!


First of all you will need a long STRAIGHT path. Corners with a buggy are difficult to negotiate. Try to avoid hills, steps, trees, small children and crocodiles…..these can be dangerous too. You need to be prepared that half the people you meet on your route will give you disapproving looks……but then the other half will give you high fives (don’t take your hand off the buggy to do this). But you have to believe that you are doing this for the welfare of the baby ie: the motion is very soothing for them!!

I would recommend NOT to skate next to a river/sheer drop. I had a close call (well not that close but too close for my liking), at which point I handed over the responsibility to a waaaaay better skater (my husband). I was mainly doing it for the photo anyway (see below)!!!


Be careful not to lean on the handle of the buggy if you are feeling wobbly, this may well catapult the baby. Which brings me onto the next point……remember to strap your baby in!!! Depending on how shakey you are, maybe even pop a helmet on the babes head?!

The hardest bit I found was keeping the skateboard level between the wheels of the buggy. Concentrating too hard on this could also mean you miss that small dog you’ve just run over. To solve this problem you could just buy one of these (see image below), as opposed to the DIY “skating with baby” approach.


Now you are ready to go!!!! Leave any attempts/ hope for “style” at home, its all about survival at first, style will come later (still waiting for mine). The boys on scooters WILL stop and stare, but thats just because they are impressed?!!

When you have built up your confidence, you could even visit your local skate park? Maybe….hmmmmm


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