Running With A Buggy

To follow on from my “Skating with a Baby”, here is my experience of running with a buggy.

Now I use the term “running” very loosely. It was actually more of a fast walk, and with good intentions of going everyday, I only went 4 times. My first time was 8 weeks after having baby Arlo (WTF was I doing???!!), and in hindsight, I should have waited until my pelvic floor muscles were stronger (another story).

Baby loaded, legs shaved and off I set…in all my new running gear (to motivate me of course!)

Feeling good, feeling confident, finally doing something for ME, and actually leaving the house/ wearing something other than a dressing gown. For a moment, I really believed I looked like this (see photo)

Screen shot 2016-02-14 at 10.32.38

But I caught sight of my reflection in a window, and in actual fact I looked more like this (see photo)

Screen shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.10

Dripping in sweat already (good sign, cake coming out) and red/ almost purple in the face, I realised I had only made it 100 metres down the road. Having a baby had obviously taken its toll.

At this point I decided I would no longer run where people could see me. From now on I would WALK out of the estate until I got to a more private country road where the cows would be the only ones I would need to worry about.

But would people look at me pushing the buggy through the estate in all my running gear and think I was a bit full-on/ keen just going for a walk???? So I decided if I just held a bottle of water in my hand it would look like I HAD been running, but was just taking a break!!!

All these things you need  to consider!!

Running with a buggy is hard work. Without the use of your arms I’m sure it makes it a lot harder. You will need to take regular breaks, like every 20 metres or so. The good thing about running down a private country road is that you don’t actually have to run that much, no one can see!!!

The more runs you do, the easier it becomes (apparently), but……you will loose motivation. The novelty wears off. After run 4, I decided that I didn’t like running (kinda knew this already, I’ve never been a runner, but somehow thought having a baby with me would change this??!!).

I also felt that baby Arlo was giving me strange looks as I puffed and panted over him, probably dropping sweat onto him the poor lad.


So at 12 weeks, I joined the gym instead. Popping the baby in the creche was a way better idea, arms free to perfect my running technique (???)

Also, If you do run with a buggy, you need to remember to take a photo of yourself as proof that you went running, and then Instagram it so everybody is impressed that you’ve gone running (they don’t have to know the truth)……



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