A Blustery Baby Bike Ride

Arlo has developed an obsession for a bicycle pump. Not a nice cuddly toy bunny/ blanket, a bicycle pump. Wants to take it everywhere with him!! So we thought we would treat him to an ACTUAL bike ride!!

I had been given a baby bike seat for my (21st??) birthday back in November, and we have been waiting since then to use it. We needed a day that Rich was off work, the weather was good, the baby was well. And until last weekend, we couldn’t seem to aline all 3 things at once.

The day dawned, the sun was shining, Rich was off work and the baby was semi well (I’m not sure these babies are ever 100% well??? Fresh air would be good for him anyway?) TODAY WAS THE DAY!!!!

Realised it was actually quite blustery out there, some would say gale force?? So wrapped up Arlo to within an inch of his life, so much so he couldn’t actually move (an amazing discovery, will be using that outfit again!)


After a few “teehing” problems ( Arlo in all his layers was actually too fat for bike seat…..helmet was too big for Arlos head….does he need suncream in cloudy weather….. can he get windburn…..does he need sunglasses……will he be warm enough…..is he too hot…..can I actually remember how to ride a bike….oh god whats that smell…….nappy change), we were ready! We then realised that we were totally unprepared and the bikes wouldn’t fit in the car, adventurous laps around the block it was then,  and perhaps down the country lane that I used to go “running”.

The bike seat we have is one of those ones you attach to the front of your bike as opposed to the back. For the adrenaline seeking baby this is a great invention as their vision is not impaired by your backside! They can really get the feeling of wind in their hair (albeit gale force). In fact, I’m convinced Arlo thought he was actually driving the bike.

Wooooo we were doing it, first family bike ride, so much fun…….10 minutes into the ride and the novelty started wearing off and I realised I was yet again on a bike, ouch. How could I still not be ready for this? I had a baby 9 MONTHS AGO!! We stopped for Arlo to look at the cows (thank you cows).


Arlo had been loving life, but now he looked strange, almost squiffy. The only explantation was he must have swallowed a fly! God I didn’t even think of this! How do we stop this??!! No wonder he looked odd.


After Arlo had composed himself again, we continued. Even though I was babyless on my bike, I was seriously lagging behind. Had going to the gym done nothing at all????!! No, my bike must be broken, definitely holding me back. Not my fault at all.

The thing about bike riding is the idea of it is so nice! But when you’re actually doing it, the flats and the downhills are the only fun bits. Uphills, you see your life flash before you. BUT the good thing about having a baby with you (as with any of these outings) is you can totally make the excuse that even though you would LOVE to carry on, you should probably get back for the baby.

Excuse made, and off we cycled, homeward bound for Rich to look at my “broken” bike and investigate Arlos mouth for flies.


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