Skating With A Baby-Level 2-DANGEROUS

So now you’ve mastered “Level 1″….

………you can have a go at Skating With A Baby “Level 2″……(if you are really brave/ stupid).

I know some people reading this might think this is really silly of us, but I wanted to write about it anyway as I wanted this blog to be honest!

So, you will need one baby, one baby back pack, one skateboard and one (crazy) person…that can skate VERY WELL. This counted me out straight away. To be honest, even if I was an amazing skater, I don’t think I would have had the guts to do this. So I just posed for a photo and to “warm- up” the baby.


This was a spontaneous activity and thinking back to it now, I would have 100% put a crash helmet on the babies head, and in hindsight, this was probably a very dangerous activity to do.

Under strict instructions, Rich was only allowed to go in a straightline, for 10 metres at the pace of an elderly snail.

Luckily all involved survived, me included as my heart was in my mouth the whole time. I feel like we had maybe taken this adventuring with a baby thing a bit too far this time? Its weird, I always felt if I had a baby I didn’t want to wrap them up in cotton wool. But when you have a baby this is EXACTLY what you want to do, cotton wool AND bubble warp! Looking back on my life, in particular my snowboarding, I dread to think what I’ve put my parents through. But you only realise this once you have your own child and develop all those protective parental instincts. Im sure Arlo will give me some karma when he’s older!!


Anyway, thank god Arlo LOVED the skating, smiles from ear to ear!! Made me feel a little less guilty/ bad mother. And thankfully no one was there to give us disapproving looks.

He even had a little cruise around standing on the skateboard by himself (Rich got in the way for the photo). Might be time for those mini Vans??!


This has planted the seed and made me start thinking about doing this on a snowboard??!! A helmet and snow I feel could be a safer option. And a industrial packet of cotton wool!

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